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Lite-On LVW-5045 160GB HDD+DVD

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To many advertisers' dismay, VCRs changed the way people watched TV over 30 years ago. Recording a show and watching it later allowed viewers to fast forward through commercials and watch only what they wanted to watch. Today, it's only gotten better (or worse, depending on what side of the commercials you are on) with products like TiVo and home theater PCs.

If you aren't quite ready to have a PC in your living room, then a TiVo or other hard drive recorder would make a great DVR (digital video recorder) for you. With its 160GB LVW-5045, Lite-On enters the hard drive recorder market with an affordable offering that has a lot of potential. The LVW-5045 not only features recording to hard drive but also to DVD and CD media, building on the capabilities of the LVW-5005 I previously reviewed.


Features Features

# HDD Video Recording
The massive 160 GB hard disk drive integrated into the LVW-5045 provides up to 198 hours of recording time, depending on the recording mode/quality that you select. This is the equivalent of approximately 8 days of continuous 24/7 recording allowing you to watch “what you want; when you want”.

# HDD to Disc Backup / One-Touch Dubbing
With the LVW-5045, you can record your most memorable moments from DV compatible camcorders to the hard disk drive. One Touch Dubbing allows you to easily copy your digital portfolios from the hard disk drive to the DVD, and vice-versa. This is a great way to archive and share those treasured events with family and friends.

# Disc to HDD Copy
# Pause Live TV / Time Shift
The final episode of your favorite program is on the air. Your favorite character is getting ready to provide the most important clue to the series finale. The phone always rings at the most inopportune time. Don’t worry, the LVW-5045 lets you pause any live TV show so you’ll never miss another moment. Simply press the “Time Shift” button; then “Play” to return to the live broadcast at any time.

# Record & Playback
# AllWrite Technology
This new technology allows users to record to DVD -/+R, DVD +/-RW and CD-R/RW. There is no longer confusion to what type of media your recorder can write to. Now all formats work.

# DV Link (IEEE 1394) Input Connection
DV Link (IEEE 1394) Preserves the content in its original digital quality Vibrant video colors and pulsating audio sounds are carried through the DV Link connection.

# MP3 & WMA Playback
# Easy Guider 2 On-Screen Menu
Press the “Guider” button on the remote control and move the cursor to the desired operation - Playback discs, Record content, finalize the DVD+R or DVD-R disc for playback in other DVD player, Erase the contents of the current disc. Nothing else comes close.

# Manual or VCR Plus+ Timer Recording

Supporting media types

Recordable media
1. Hard Disk Drive (Built-in 160GB)



4. CD-R / CD-RW

Video recording format
1. MPEG2 : DVD+VR (HQ / SP / LP / EP mode) , SVCD

2. MPEG1 : DVD+VR (SLP mode) , VCD

Audio recording format
1. MPEG2 (Dobly Digital 2 channel)

2. MPEG1 (Dobly Digital or MPEG2 Layer 3)

3. CD-DA (44.1KHz)

Recording time

1. TV format NTSC-M, PAL-B/G, PAL-D/K, PAL-I/I, or SECAM-L/L
2. TV sound Main (Stereo/Mono) SAP

Recording functions
One touch record (OTR) (30minutes interval)

Automatically/Manually insert chapter

Title editing (Rename, Erase, Protect, Overwrite, Split, Merge)

Chapter editing (Insert, Remove, Hide, Show)

Channel editing (Move up/ down, Insert, Swap, Decorder on/ off)
Set Thumbnail
Easy Guider 2
Time Shift
High speed copy from HDD to DVD
DV control

Timer Recording functions
Number of programs 16 programs
Timer programming Manual or VCR Plus+ (or SHOWVIEW, depending on region)

DVD/CD Playback
Fast forward/Reverse (2x, 4x, 8x, 16x)

Slow motion (1/2x, 1/4x, -1/2x, -1/4x)

Zoom (1x, 2x, 4x)
Step forward
Next / Previous (Title / Chapter / Trcak)
A-B repeat
Time search

VOB/MPG/DAT Playback
Fast forward/Reverse (2x, 4x, 8x, 16x)

Slow motion (1/2x, 1/4x, -1/2x, -1/4x)

MP3 / WMA Playback
Time display

Album and track selection

JPEG / BMP Playback
Slide show

Album and picture selection
Front connections
Video input Cinch (yellow)
Audio L/R input Cinch (white / red)
DV input IEEE-1394 4-pin

Rear connections
Video input Cinch (yellow)
Audio L/R input Cinch (white / red)
S-video input Hosiden 4-pin
Video output Cinch (yellow)
Audio L/R output Cinch (white / red)
S-video output Hosiden 4-pin
Component video output Cinch (green / blue / red)
Progressive scan output 480p output

Digital audio output Coaxial

Power Supply AC 100~120V 60Hz
AC 220~240V 50Hz
Power Consumption Operation: Approx. 50W
Operating Temperature +5C to +40C (+36F to +104F)
Operating Humidity 5% to 80% RH
Dimensions (W / H / D): 430 x 66 x 316 mm
Net Weight: Approx. 4.5kg

The specifications and design of this product are subject to change without notice.

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future car

Our Driving Conundrum

Vision: Our Driving Conundrum
Cars that think for us! Cars that change shape at will! Cars that scream along underground at twice the speed of sound! It’s a cinch to predict the future of the automobile. But how do we get there?

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samsung miniket

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ada budak tak pakai baju... baju makmallah try je ni

sharir samad
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Rakaman video wanita rakyat China bogel hangatkan Parlimen

KUALA LUMPUR 24 Nov. - Lobi Parlimen hari ini dihangatkan dengan tayangan rakaman video seorang wanita dipercayai rakyat China yang bogel dan diarahkan membuat ketuk-ketampi oleh anggota polis wanita.

Rakaman kira-kira 30 saat itu diambil menggunakan telefon bimbit dan ditayangkan semula menggunakan komputer riba Teresa Kok Suh Sim (DAP-Seputeh).

Ia menunjukkan seorang anggota polis wanita bertudung dengan berlatar belakangkan suara orang sedang mengaji al-Quran mengarahkan tahanan wanita tersebut melakukan ketuk-ketampi dalam keadaan bogel sebelum memintanya memakai kembali coli.

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